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Individually designed, we work with you on every detail from the size and shape to the finishing touches. Choose a traditional glass or solid roof - or a mixture of both - for your perfect living space. And if you simply want to upgrade your existing conservatory roof, we can do that too - in a glass, polycarbonate or solid design.

Conservatory Materials

Take a look at the material options for your new conservatory


Leka Roof Systems

Lightweight solid conservatory roofing & renovation. Transforming traditional conservatories with limited lifespan and usage into living spaces that can be used year round and for many more years.

Conservatory Styles & Designs

Now you've decided on a material, take a look at the types of conservatory we can provide

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Glazing & Glass Types

Finally, make a choice on how you'd like the unit glazed

A Rated Argon Filled

Oxygen can reactive and cause rust and corrosion in metal parts. Argon is an inert gas and is used for its nonreactive properties. It is injected into the double / triple glazed voids which ensures the windows will stay effective for longer. Argon filled windows are also A rated by the The British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC)

Double Glazing

Our craftspeople make every double-glazed window individually to guarantee you the best in energy-efficiency and finish, whatever material and style you choose.

Tripple Glazed

If you’re looking for additional warmth, security and noise reduction, our state-of-the art triple glazing is the perfect choice for your replacement windows.

Secondary Glazing

You can benefit from increased warmth and sound insulation without replacing your current windows with our technologically-advanced and unobtrusive secondary double glazing.

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